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An experimental metaphysics, or The Moving Body in Higher Education

Originally posted on Instagram on 17 May 2019 as "An experimental metaphysics, or [TITLE_REDACTED]"

Your task: simultaneously, assimilate the following:

The body is to be minutely analysed.
The body is its own expression.
The body is to be worked.
The body is not to be worked too much.
The body is a temple - treat it with care.
The body is not to be allowed to stop, under any circumstances.
The weakness of the body is to be denied. (If it can’t be denied, it is your fault.)
Some bodies are better than other bodies. Which bodies those better bodies are will be decided by others.
Others will decide how you should use your body.
Your body is your research, your laboratory, your material, your subject.
What happens in your body and through your body has something to say to others. It is of value, that something. It is important.
Your body doesn’t matter.
Cultivate the responsivity of your body.
Your body should respond only to appropriate stimuli.
Learn to listen to your body.
Only let your body say things that have been pre-approved.
Your body will be issued a list of people certified to issue pre-approvals.
If your body articulates non-preapproved speech, it will be censured.
Your body is everything.
Your body does not exist.

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