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Alas and a Kind of Field Trip: Is the Back about Pain?

by Mary Ann Hushlak I do a Google search.  I do several Google searches. On different days, no less. As if  typing in the same or similar keywords will suddenly slip through a crack in the automated “crawlers” and “spiders” and get past popularity.  Alas, not. I’m looking for a book title or articles about the human back, something akin to Claudia Benthien’s  Skin: on the cultural border between self and the world  or Steven Connor’s  The Book of Skin  with its sources from literature, non-fiction and medical texts as well as art, photography, film and folklore, popular song and language. Alas,  I can’t find anything.  And so I leave the convenience of computer search engines and head into Central London for the pleasure of a bookshop and the possibilities of references that might exist in a chapter or in footnotes.  A more elliptical approach.  The excursion begins to feel like a kind of field trip. My first stop is the specialist Wellcome Collection bookshop.  True to the