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A BackStories take on the Human Factor exhibition

by Mary Ann Hushlak I came upon Maurizio Cattelan’s staged sculpture  Him  (2001) in an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery ( The Human Factor: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture 17 June – 7 September 2014).  It was on the uppermost floor, though not amongst the many pieces in the more open-plan area.  Instead, it inhabited its own space, a long, rectangular room. To reach  Him , you entered through a doorway. At a distance at the far end of the room a single diminutive figure was kneeling in prayer. The figure wore a white-flecked mid-grey woollen jacket. The white of his shirt collar peeked above the collar to a neatly trimmed haircut. A schoolboy, a child, the bottom of his shoes clean, all very neat.  I approached and my gaze moved from the bottom of those pristine shoes to the knee-high socks and fabric folds of his trousers at the knees. I continued, passing the figure and then I saw his face.   An inner gasp. Far more than a double-take. Disbelief.  Shock. The face – th