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stories of the present war, performance transcript

Note: This is a transcript from my first performance of stories of the present war at Low Stakes Festival, New River Studios, London, 18 February 2017. stories of the present war is a durational performance, during which I try to figure out my grandparents' relationship, particularly as it unfolded between 1941 and 1946 and what - if anything - it has to do with me, or how to live now. The questions are on-going, the collage and text different each time. The nature of the work is such that errors may result. I've left them in where they don't obscure meaning.

Is this going to work out today? I suppose we shall see. If it does, or if it doesn’t, it doesn’t really matter, as the stakes are low. I get to play with charcoal today. That’s fun. I don’t usually do that. Are you cold? I’m quite cold. I was asking myself last night if this performance should be interactive. Do you want to ask me questions? If you want to, you can now… … … … … … Okay, guess not.   My grandfather purchased …